Motorised Roman Blinds Details


Smart Roman Blinds:
Roman blinds combine the look of curtains with the flexibility of roller blinds, which makes them ideal for almost any room in your home. With our Motion Roman Blinds, your roman blinds are smart in a minute. Install them wirelessly (optional battery pack) and easily connect them to you smart home via Bluetooth and WiFi.


Easy Setup:
our Motion electric roman blinds are simply to install and setup. Our blind motors have Bluetooth connectivity as standard, meaning you can simply download the motion blind APPand control your blind with your smart phone or tablet. Via the BlueTooth and your phone you can set basic opening and closing timers, favorite positions and speed control. We also offer a wide range of secondary control options.  

Powered By Motion Blinds
No need to buy a battery charger, just use your mobile phone charger. A standard USB-C cable will do it. We offer two Lithium re-chargeable battery packs. A 600mAh for smaller blinds (upto 135cms Square) and a 2600mHa high capacity battery for even the largest blinds. These batteries should only need charging once a year.
We do offer a plug top transformer which is the least expensive way of powering your roman blinds. Please note you will need to run a cable from a plug socket to the top of your blind.