Hanging Pencil Pleat Curtains.

Pencil Pleat Header Spec. Our pencil pleat curtain headers are supplied as a rufflette 3 inch tape which is sewn onto the back of you curtains. The tape has 3 pockets (top/middle/bottom) into which you can put you curtain hooks. Your new curtain will be supplied undrawn/flat. When you recieve them in order to create the fullness you will need to draw them up follow the steps below:
1. Measure your curtain pole or track from end to end (don't include the finials on curtain poles.

2. Draw up you curtains. Divide the pole/track length by 2 and carefully pull the draw strings in the back of your curtain tape until the curtain measures about the same as half your track width, repeat this with your second curtain. Tie a loose bow into the draw strings.

3. Count the number of runners/rings on your pole/track. Insert the same number of rings into your curtain tape pockets, evenly spaces along the width of your curtains.

4. Hang your curtains, make sure that they meet and close together in the middle. I all is well re tie the bow in the draw strings and push it into the pockets between the tape and the curtain.

5. Your curtain's will naturally pick up folds over a period of time, you may need to dress them for a week or two but they will eventully naturally pick up folds. Should you have any questions about this process please don't hesitate to call us.