Faux Wooden Venetian Blind 50mm White

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Wooden Venetian Blind 50mm White

Wood Venetian Blind - White 50mm Slats.

Made to measure wood blinds.

Why buy our blinds

CHILD SAFETY:- This product meets the new child safety standards, EN13120

HEADRAILS:- The headrails on our blinds are metal, for extra strength and durability.

WOOD:- The wood that is on our blinds comes from ethically maintained forests.

VALANCE:- Our wood venetian blind comes with a matching wood valance that covers the headrail for a nicer finished.

FIXING BRACKETS:- Our fixing brackets are made of colour co-ordinating metal for a better and safer fitting, not plastic like other cheaper alternatives, The bracket will face, top or side fixing.

CORDS:- The cords and strings on our blinds are made with colour co-ordinating nylon, for extra strength and durability.

ACORNS:- The finer details, Our blinds come with matching wood acorns.

TAPES:- We can make your blinds with matching tapes the extra cost is plus 25%.

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If you are ordering curtains please read carefully, our curtain pricing and fullness policy is different to many online retailers. Our curtains are priced as stand as "full". If you are considering other retailers call them and ask exactly how "full" (amount of fabric) their curtains are, many say they offer double fullness when in fact that is the maximum they offer and many customers end up with much less than double fullness.

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