Electric Roman Blind Control Options.

Options For Operating Motion Blinds Electric Roman Blinds?
We have a number of control options for your motion blinds roman blind controls. Don't forget as standard all our motion blinds roman blinds have built in BlueTooth connectivity, which allows you to control your blinds with your smart phone, without the need to buy a hub.

Standard Setup.
You can control your motion blinds roman blind via the bluetooth APP with your mobile phone. Download the APP and you are good to go. You can also set timers via the APP, and your phone doesn't need to be in the room for the blind timers to work as the information is held in the motor, not the cloud. Your blind will work even when you are on holiday, which is a great for security.

Pull Cord Control. MOTIONBLINDSPULL6lowres.jpg
A remote pull control for you roman blind. This will work either in addition to the APP or as your sole means of controlling your roman blind. This device is perfect for use by guests or people without smart phones. This pull device is intuitive in it's operation when the blind is open pull once to close. If you want to partially close the blind pull again to stop and of course this works in reverse.

Handset Controls.MOTIONBLINDSREMOTE9lowres.jpg
We offer two traditional handset control options for our motion blinds range. A single channel controller and a 15 channel controller. The single channel will operate a single blind and the 15 channel upto 15 different blinds. These control can be used independently of the APP or in conjunction, the choice is yours.

Wall Mount Single Channel.
Our single channel wall mount remote can be fixed to the wall next to your blind and used to open and close it. Simple to install and use this controller can be used in conjunction with the APP and all other control devices. 

Wall Mount 4 Channel.   MOTIONBLINDSWALLREMOTE2lowres.jpg
Our four channel wall mount remote can be fixed to the wall next to your blinds and used to open and close them. Simple to install and use this controller can be used in conjunction with the APP and all other control devices.

Alexa, Google And Smart Home Integration.          MOTIONBLINDSSPEAKERS2lowres.jpg
In order to connect to Alexa Google and your smart home system you will need to connect your blinds to the Cloud. This can be done through either our Home Hub/WiFi Bridge or or Mini Home Hub/WiFi Bridge. Once connected you can use voice control via Alexa or Google and you can connect with Alexa, Google Assistant,SmartThings,Loxone,MEDIOLA and KLIKAANKLIKUIT.       

Coming Soon, Connect your blinds using Apple Home Kit powered by EVE.

Power Options.

Plug Top Power Supply.
Plug into a wall socket, then run a fine cable (think phone charger cable) upto your roman blind headrail, this will power your roman blind without the new for a battery. A simple and cost effective option, most suitable for installations were you have the option to hide the cable either in conduit in the wall or behind a pair of curtains.

900 mHA re-chargeable Lithium Battery.
A smaller and more cost effective re chargeable lithium battery, suitable for smaller roman blinds (less than 130 cms square.) This battery should still only need charging once a year under normal usage and conditions.
2600 mAH re-chargeable Lithium Battery.
A high capacity lithium re chargeable battery pack which will operate even the largest blinds and not require charging more than once a year under normal usage and conditions.

Battery Charger.
No need to buy a separate battery charger, just use your smart phone charger and a USB C cable our batteries are designed to be charged by any smart phone charger, this saves you having another charger you cannot find when you need it.