Roman blind kit cassette 300cms 1:1 Ratio

Roman blind kit cassette 250cms
Roman blind kit cassette 240cms
High Density PVC Rods And Bottom Bar
Child Safe Internal Cord Tidies
Universal Installation Brackets
Child Safe P Clips
Roman blind kit cassette 300cms 1:1 Ratio

Deluxe Roman Blind Kit - 270cms wide makes blinds upto 240cms Drop. Fully Compliant "Child Safe" if used correctly.

Everything you need to make perfect roman blinds, except to fabric and lining. All our kits come complete with pre-corded headrail, fixing brackets (top or face fix) rods, bottom bar, sew on velcro, sew on rod pocket, child safety devices.

These high quality roman blind headrails can easily be cut to size with a domestic hacksaw.

What's in the box?
Pre-corded headrail.

Sew on velcro and rod pocket.

Rods and bottom bar.

Choice of chains (White, Chrome Antique Brass or Bright Brass)

Child Safety devices.

Universal fixing brackets (will do either face or top fix.)


Delivery is 2/3 Working Days

Kits Size                      Number of Cord Drums            Number of Brackets

60cms                                           2                                             2

90cms                                           3                                             2

120cms                                         3                                             3

150cms                                         4                                             4

180cms                                         5                                             4

210cms                                         5                                             4

240cms                                         5                                             5
270cms                                         6                                             5
300cms                                         7                                             6

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