Why Choose made To measure Curtains


One of the main considerations to bear in mind when addressing your room’s décor is the window dressing. Do you want curtains or blinds or even both? If it’s a small room then maybe full curtains with a lining might be a little too heavy for the room.

Nothing looks better than a great pair of curtains but in a smaller or less formal room then maybe a pair of blinds would work better. So think about the function of the room, the privacy you want, the room type and how much of the light you want to block out.

You can go into many shops and find a range of ready-made curtains and blinds but what looks better than a well fitted pair of made to measure curtains in a fabric you love. Occasionally you may want a blind and a curtain at the same window.

So what makes made to measure curtains so special?

·         They are bespoke so whatever the size of window you need to cover they will fit beautifully.

·         The company you deal with can offer advice on fabrics, headings, drop etc.

·         Ready-made curtains may not fit your window exactly they often involve some sort of compromise.

·         You know you won’t have to make any adjustments on your curtains.

·         You can choose any patterns or colours you wish.

·         The fabric choice is much wider and you will have hundreds of fabrics to choose from.

If you want blinds to go with or instead of the curtains then you need to choose whether to have blinds that fit inside the window recess or that sit on top of the recess. You will also have to choose what type of blind you want. Take a look at the window, if it has a shallow recess or the window handles are large then you may be limited in your choice and you may have to condier made to measure blinds for the job.

So before you make your choice have a look at your window. What will be most suiable? Tere are lots of considerations to take into account.

·         Which way does the window face? If it is south facing then it will get a lot of sun so some fabrics will block this some will let it through. You also need to assess what you are going to use the room for. If it has screens in it like TVs or computer screens then you may need to block the sun more effectively. One advantage of some blinds is that they are adjustable so you can control the amount of light and the direction of light you let in.

·         What privacy do you want? If it is a room you will spend a lot of time in at night then you may not want people to see your shadows moving around and a nice heavy curtain may be the answer.

·         If the room is north facing curtains can be a good choice as the can be drawn right back to let the light flood in.

·         If you have a colour scheme or a design theme in mind then readymade curtains may not offer you the options you wish. 

     So for the best curtains at the best price and with the most options I say go for made to measure curtains most of the time.