Question our customers wants to know about made to measure curtains


As experts in curtain making we get asked a lot of questions both by the trade and by customers. As we manufacture and supply made to measure curtains on our factory we know both the problems of manufacture and the problems faced by the general public. We used to supply most of the companies you see in Google but a lot of these now import cheap foreign imports, the problem with that is they get a lot of returns as the quality just isn’t there and the lead times can be slow. As we have grown and automated we can now produce the curtains at a lower cost than anyone in the UK and have a huge range of materials to offer.

With all this expertise we thought it worth going through the main questions we get asked on a weekly/monthly basis.

1.      Would you recommend curtains to the floor or to the window. The age old question! Well our take on it is that you should go to the floor. It looks better aesthetically. If there is a radiator on the wall below the window then fit a roller blind in the window and use that to block out the light in an evening while the radiator heats the room. Once the room is warm then draw the curtains and the radiator will keep the room warm.

2.      Made to measure or ready-made: well we would say made to measure obviously! The honest answer is that it is horses for courses and if it is a feature room then made to measure curtains have the look, they offer a bit of design magic, of quality and luxuriousness. On the other hand ready-made curtains would be great in a spare bedroom or a kids bedroom where they may be pulled off the wall or don’t need to look great all the time.

3.      What would you hand your curtain from? Well curtain rails work very well but if you window is in the middle of a room it can look a bit ugly. If you can put them right up to the cornice then they are disguised and in modern rooms with lower ceilings it works well. Otherwise I would look to a good looking pole that compliments a room even with the curtains open.

4.      Do curtains cut fuel bills? Well the answer is they can. The secret is to use thermal lining which is an invisible backing on the actual curtains and lining which to the eye looks the same but it has great heat keeping properties.

5.      What fabric should I choose? Many modern day homes have plain walls and plain wooden flooring and these type of rooms can take a patterned fabric to lift the room. I would always suggest getting fabric samples and trying things out. We supply as many samples as you want so choose away and test it out.

6.      How do I measure up for my curtains? This is pretty straight forward. Click here for our guidance on measuring curtains and measuring blinds.

I hope this piece has answered some of your questions but of course if you have any more please contact us and we would be pleased to share our expertise.