Made to Measure Curtains – The only option for quality curtains and bespoke designs


There is a time and a place for readymade curtains but the majority of the time when you are looking for a great set of curtains or looking to fill a non-standard space made to measure curtains are the best option. Most interior designers work only with made to measure curtains.

If you have a non-standard sized or irregular shaped window then ready-made curtains will definitely not fit no matter how you try to make them but size is not the only consideration. The major thing like colour, design, texture and the lining you wish to use are all important things to look at.

Being able to choose all these factors gives you ultimate control over your design project. Ready-made drapes will do the job on a standard window but if you want something a bit plusher or something unique then they won’t do the job. One room I did was a full wall of curtains behind a bed which not only defined the space and covered a window but gave the room a softer, warmer feel and added a bit of design that you couldn’t have got otherwise.

In older houses often windows are higher than the norm and they will need special treatment. If you want to match a wall paper design then special fabric may be needed and you will have a much wider choice of curtain with bespoke fabrics.

So if you need more of a design input or need to match a design or have non-standard measurements then you will get so much more out of a made to measure curtain.