Curtain Making Service


In the UK we’re fortunate to have many unusual houses from barn conversions to old terrace houses to individually designed houses to converted watermills. I could go on but you get the picture. These places are great to live in and offer character at every turn. They do have a few downsides though and one of them is that many of the original features are not standard size, so kitchen units may not fit, baths may need to be a custom size and curtains may need to be made to measure.

This may in the end cost a little more but in my mind it is worth it for the quality of life you get when you love your home.

So back to the question of cost and window dressings in particular; we have the most efficient curtain making machine in the country bar none. We are very proud of this machine and although it has been a huge expense for us we believe that it is worth it both for the speed of manufacture, the reduction in waste and the quality of the curtains we can send to our customers. These are all second to none.

For this reason we can keep the cost down to you, sure with made to measure curtains then you will often choose more expensive fabrics, especially if they have to fit in with a style of décor that can’t be matched off the shelf. But if we can keep the cost of manufacture down for you and the quality the highest it can be then it really is an opportunity for us to help you furnish your house with sumptuous fabrics that fit and enhance your home.

We also supply many curtain retailers and you can imagine that if you buy from them they have to make a profit too so will add on a cost. This can be quite a hike so why not buy direct from the manufacturer and get the best quality at the best price.

Browse our website or request a sample and let us help you make your house a home with the best made to measure curtains in the UK for price and quality.