Angled Bay Window Measuring Guide - Roman Blinds

Step 1:
You will need:
- 2 Pieces of A4 or A5 sized paper or card.
- A pencil or pen.
- A tape measure.
- A ruler.

The head rail for our Roman Blinds protrudes by 50mm. if you have window handles or vents that stick out from the window frame, measure how far these protrude and add this to the head rail depth. This will be used as measurement (A)

Step 2:
Using two pieces of paper, place them edge to edge and mark both of them at the required measurement (A).


Step 3
Slide the two pieces of paper towards each other along the window sill of the bay until the two marks that you made meet up.Using a pencil, make a mark on the window sill at the point where the paper meets the window frame.

Step 4:
Measure from one mark to the next as detailed in the diagram. This will establish the width of the blind that you will need to order.
Step 5:
Measure the drop from where the top of the blind will sit down to where you want the blind to end (typically the window sill). All of the blinds should then be ordered as ‘Exact Fitting’.