Made To Measure Curtains Faux Silk Black

Measure the width of your existing track or pole and enter in the width box. We supply Minimum double fullness, check with other suppliers as many don't.(excludes eyelets)
Click here for measuring guide
We will make your curtains/curtain to suit the track or pole width you have entered above, Approx. double fullness for pencil pleats, Approx 1.7 fullness for eyelets, Approx 2.2 fullness for triple pinch pleats.
Select from the drop down list. We only use quality linings which enhance the drape of your curtains and protect them from fading. 
Pencil Pleat (Approx double fullness), Eyelets (Approx 1.7 times fullness), Triple Pinch Pleats (Hand formed not tape approx 2.2 times fullness) We also offer, Wave Form, 6 Inch Pencil Pleats, 50mm and 60mm Eyelets. Please send your enquiry via e-mail for a quote.
Pencil Pleat (included) Metal Eyelets Polished Graphite Metal Eyelets Black Metal Eyelts Chrome Metal Eyelets Satin Silver Metal Eyelets Bright Brass Metal Eyelets Antique Brass Triple Pinch Pleats Hand Made
Add tiebacks and cushion covers

Made to measure curtains Faux Silk.

Product Info:

Fabric Content: 100% Polyester.   Production Lead Time:7-14 Working Days. Full Specifcation: Here

Max Width: 520cms.   Max Drop: 325cms.   Pattern Repeat:  Nil cms 

Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil Pleats: Approx. Double Fullness. Included as standard, supplied flat, you draw the tape up to your exact track width. 3 hook pockets, can be used with a pole or track. Measure from the eye on the bottom of your curtain rings,(pole) or track runner eye(track).

Eyelet Curtain Header

Eyelets: Minimum Min. 1.85 times fullness. 40mm Pressed metal eyelets, 6 colours (select from the images below the main fabric image). Suitable for use with a pole only. Measure from the top of your pole, the drop measurement you submit will be the final drop from inside the top of the rings to the bottom of the curtains. We use electro plated brass (don't rust) eyelets which are pressed and riveted through the fabric and stiffening buckram at the top of your curtains. We don't use plastic click together parts.

Pinch Pleat Curtain Header

Pinch Pleats: Approx. 2.2 Times Fullness. Formed by hand not with a curtain tape. Measure from the botton edge of your pole, or the top of your track. Height adjustable hooks are supplied with these curtains. The drop you submit will be the full drop of the curtains top to bottom. This classic curtain header comes as standard in the triple pleat form, which is by far the most popular. We can offer them as double pleats if required, please order via e-mail or on the phone.





 If you need help or advice please either call us on 01422 375040 or e-mail

Black Made To Measure Curtains
Black Made To Measure Curtains
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Faux Silk Collection Made To Measure Curtains
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Made To Measure Curtains Arcadia Textiles
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